About Me

I am an independent, Leeds based freelance artist, writer, singer, illustrator, violinist, budding runner and all round culture vulture.

I studied at Leeds University from the leafy depths of Bretton Hall where they hid all the artists, graduating with a Ba(Hons) degree in Creative Writing, which has so far proven to be absolutely no use whatsoever. I supplement my creative career with a full time job in admin’, which…


Anyway, moving on. I spend a lot of my time with either an optimistic determination to get on with my life or a pathetic desperation to escape from the pit of despair I’ve come to know and… well, to know…

Also, stuff happens to me. Stupid stuff. Lots of it. So I blog. I guess creative writing must play a part in that somewhere.

Anyhoo – happy reading

(As an aside, if anyone feels they could use my more arty-farty skills and would like to offer me a more suitable form of work, my bargaining price is one gin and tonic. Also, I will literally do anything for a free meal…)

Smoke me a salmon, I’ll be back for breakfast!

Emily Dewsnap



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