Poetry Please

We all know that the best presents are the ones you make yourself. At least, that’s what I tell myself when I proudly hand over my doodles in their Wilko* frames for… well, any occasion, if I’m honest. So when I grumped into work yesterday, after two days of post birthday-excess migraine, I was much cheered by an e-mail I found in my inbox:-



To: Dewsnap, Emily

From: A—–, Dan


Subject: Present


I did you a new haiku for your birthday. It went:


Tiles slip from webbed feet

Words lost in winter currents

Newts can’t play scrabble


Did I tell you the one about the small machine part I found in my drawer?




I really can’t say how much this cheered me up, so I thought I’d start my nice new blog on a positive note. Enjoy it, it’s all downhill from here on in.



* I kid not; Wilkos is the place to be for decent enough inexpensive** frames. They even come with mount board, as a general rule

** Not cheap, no; just inexpensive

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